Academic Support

Workforce Development



PACE Programs supplement the school day and nurture the skills necessary to be successful in life and school by providing, to name a few, academic support, athletic teams, leadership building, vocational workshops, etc. 

PACE closes the gap between schools' and communities' needs and brokers strong partnerships.

Collaborating with the community and school district PACE achieves positive outcomes for our youth, families and communities. 

PACE provides students the opportunity to grow into their huge futures. The teen center provides them with a safe and relaxing environment to focus on having fun and spending time with their friends. The case managers help students navigate high school and provide them with tools to balance their academics and their personal life. PACE provides students with job opportunities and application support. PACE staff supports the students and are a part of the positive school community at Burton High School.
— Suniqua Thomas- Burton High School
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"Joining PACE after school program has led me to become a better student overall because they provide academic, social, and emotional support. Their purpose is to help each individual student prepare for lives as successful adults in the future."

-PACE Participant


  • PACE and Burton High School is refuge, i.e. a safe haven for individuals and families in the

  • community.

  • We unite the community by providing a safe, centralized space for community members to understand and explore their value and self-worth.

  • We transform whole families and serve as an integral guide to help them become happy, healthy and productive members of our community.

  • We build a meaningful relationship with every parent and caring adult as a way to promote their investment in themselves, their children, the school and the greater community.

  • We encourage self-discovery through mental, physical, spiritual and emotional programming.

  • We provide holistic services for youth and adults creating a pipeline from cradle to college.

  • We provide individualized attention customizing our approach by situation.

  • We collaborate with partners that share our vision and are connected to our values.

  • Our personal success as staff and members is our collective success.

  • We create and leave a positive legacy that translates into generational success.